Rollei 35S

Last update: Sunday June 08 2003

My next project will definitly be a Rollei 35S modification!

After I cancelled the Nikon F3 project, I bought two Rollei 35S viewfinder cameras to build a stereo camera.

These cameras have excellent lenses and it seems that it is easier to modify them than two Nikon EM.

(Nov 12 2000) I have cut the two plates where the lenses are mounted on. The stereo base will be 55.8 millimeters. Shutter coupling is easy, I removed one clockwork. Both shutters will be controlled by the same clockwork. Times became about 10 percent longer, but I hope that I can fix that by calibrating the spring. Next I have to cut the aluminium bodies.

(June 8 2003) Here are some images of the current status. I am progressing very slowly, but this is mostly due to my limited time.

Front view
Aperture coupling (silver colored metal lever going from left wheel to both lenses) and metering coupling (lever between lenses) is finished.

Back view
Lens release coupling (soldered copper wire running above the lenses) and metal plate to join the lens plates.

Chassis front view
The bodies are joint with two metal plates. One is holding the second viewfinder.